Art Consulting

Whether you are new to collecting or ready to deaccession, we invite you to draw upon Portico's thirty years of experience and expertise in Modernism to help guide you through the often bewildering process of buying and selling Modern Art.

We offer consultation on all aspects of collecting art, including purchase, sale, auction, restoration, framing, installation and appraisal.

Auction Scouting

Auction sales provide a tremendous quantity and variety of material, far broader than most galleries can offer, and often at good value.

It is important to remember, however, that an auction house's mandate is to sell at the highest price possible.

Portico will inspect the condition of the item for sale, research its provenance, and evaluate the estimated selling price to advise whether or not to bid at auction, and at what price. Portico is also available to serve as your proxy in the auction bidding process.

Downsizing and Decanting

Whether liquidating an estate or downsizing for a move, Portico will help guide you through the often overwhelming task of assessing the value of your collectibles and determining a carefully thought out method of sale.

Very often, the time frame for selling the precious contents of a home may not meet the deadline by which they must be removed. Although 'one-stop' services may seem convenient, pressures inherent in selling your goods by a fixed date may diminish your return. Add to this the hazard posed by the 'cherry-picking' of what is best in your collection, which can compromise your ability to sell what remains.

Perhaps there are artworks from different periods that would never be consigned to the same dealer or be included in the same auction sale. Or maybe there are compelling reasons not to sell 1000 books in one sale. Perhaps the best choice is to sell your porcelain to one dealer and your art at auction. Every situation is unique.


With longstanding relationships with reliable framers in New York City and Connecticut, Portico can advise you how best to frame your photos or your artworks so that they will last a lifetime without damage.


The repair and conservation of art is an art unto itself.

The medium and nature of the repair influence the choice of conservator.

Through its longstanding relationships, Portico will help you select the right conservator for your work of art for an excellent (and affordable) result.

Independent Curator

Portico's staff has a passion for curating, and we specialize in 20th Century Modernism. We have also curated shows as varied as "Science & Science Fiction" for the College of New Rochelle and "Winslow Homer and Puck" for the Gunnery Prep School. A roster of our past projects is listed below:


Art of Tomorrow Graphics


Rolph Scarlett


Rudolf Bauer: 1889-1953


The Art of Tomorrow: Hilla Rebay and
Solomon R. Guggenheim
Guggenheim Museum, New York
Museum Villa Stuck, Munich
Schlossmuseum, Murnau
Deutsche Guggenheim, Berlin


Champions of Modernism II


Science & Science Fiction: Contemporary Art and Science Fiction Memorabilia


Connaught Brown Exhibition of the Art of Rudolf Bauer: From Berlin to New York


The Waking Dream: Psychological Realism in Contemporary Art


Champions of Modernism: Non-Objective Art of the 1930s and 40s and Its Legacy


Bauer Centennial Exhibition
Fiorella Urbinati Gallery, Los Angeles
Portico New York Inc., New York
The Struve Gallery, Chicago
The Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia

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